Melody Clef is a yorkshire canary that Mouse adopted in "An Animal Mechanical's Best Friend."
Melody Clef

Personality Edit

Melody Clef loves to sing. Like Star Shine,Unicorn's pet cat,she loves to be in the spotlight and whenever there is music around, Melody Clef will sing along with it. Her favorite activities are singing karaoke and making a beat on her favorite drums that Mouse, Blythe, and Lief made. When she is not playing music, she is seen racing with Mouse at the school's running track every afternoon. Sometimes her friends call her Melody or Clef or MC. Melody Clef sometimes treats Mouse as a princess and will spend her time getting Mouse ready for school or a special occasion, finish Mouse's homework, get her lunch packed, or just help clean her room when her owner is somewhere with her friends. But she always let Mouse do it on her own when she is sleeping or doing her own things. 

Looks Edit

Melody Clef is bright yellow with a white spot on her chest and some white patterns on her wings. She also wears a pink bracelet around her left leg.